"We're Never Going Back To Arkansas"

We can't believe it's already been two weeks on our Southern Tour! One thing we've found that happens when you're following your dreams is that time dissipates in an instant. One minute it's December and then it's April! But enough about that! While we're in Arkansas for the month, we are staying at Harper's mothers house which is tucked away far into the woods which means we can write, sing, and play to the birds (until their cat eats it -- we're on number two for the week). Because we're headed to Little Rock tonight, we thought we'd share a tragic story of the last time we were in LR. 

It was around 8:30am and we were headed to Iowa from Camden, AR (about a 10-11 hr drive) in our Steel Blue Subaru Outback named Dali. We heard a honk and noticed a man on the interstate beside us waving. Of course we thought he was just being a tool but we pulled over nonetheless and noticed he wasn't actually being a tool. Turns out, we had a nail in our tire causing it to go flat. At this point in our career, we were making just enough money to get from show to show so a flat tire wasn't in our budget. Luckily, we got to a gas station where our luck turned around...so we thought. More on that later. The gas station manager saw we were struggling so patched our tire FOR FREE and gave us a patch kit to take with us. (If that man is reading this, thank you so so much!) Anyways, we go down the road about 200 miles and say to each other, "I think we need to fill the tire up" and as we take a look, we notice ANOTHER NAIL but this time, in the passenger side tire. Now, we have no money, two flat tires, and a low patience level (something Lee struggles with already). So, Harper then patches the second flat tire and we head on our way with another 8 hours ahead of us. 

Many hours later we arrive in Iowa with just enough money and dignity to spare...but it wasn't over yet. As we wake the next morning, we go to get in the car and what do we see? You guessed it! ANOTHER NAIL in our tire. Now, you may be wondering how we managed to get three nails in three different tires but that remains a mystery to this day and that is when we said, "We're never going back to Arkansas. EVER." But here we are, back again. This time, driving a Black Kia Soul that Lee doesn't know how to drive yet and with no nails in sight.

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