The Snow Will Blow Again

" When the snow blew in, I began to cry, as I hadn't seen it since he left almost 10 months ago to the day. I remember smelling his shoes as he slammed the door out. I yelled, "put a coat on!" as I always did...he left without it as he always did. Another day passed while his coat sank lower on the hook. I wondered if washing it would bring back the spring we once had but I knew deep down this would just prolong my grieving of what wass. "Just because he's gone doesn't mean you have nothing" I continue telling myself, aware that I have put myself in the "fake it til you make it" phase of my life. I will go on, just as the snow will blow again. " 

For real though, as Harper brought me my morning coffee he said, "welcome to another winter wonderland" and I shrieked as I looked out the window to see a fresh coat of ice on the ground (It had melted an inch or so by the time I took this picture). I tire of being stuck inside, not being able to smell the fresh air or feel the warmth on my severely pale skin. I can't even remember the feeling ofl a sunburn. However, being bound to the indoors means work will get done. We are about 4 tracks in on our 7 track album...we are finding it to be such a surreal feeling, having complete control over our songs and the production of them. Also, we are getting to use all of our creativity in the process of making our album cover art, t-shirts, stickers, etc. for this release. Harper and I don't always have the same aesthetic vision but we always end up with something we both love so much. Hopefully you guys feel the same way. 

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