Harper and Lee are a husband & wife indie touring duo playing Americana Rock music. “We combine a mixture of Americana, Folk, Rock, and Singer-Songwriter, new and old, while also creating our own style. One thing we do know is that we make people laugh, cry, and dance all in one show.” says Harper and Lee who have been on a non-stop tour for coming on 2 years. One reason Harper and Lee are so unique is their 13 year age difference. Lead vocalist, guitarist and percussionist Lee (22) only just started playing music as their touring began in 2018. “You will absolutely fall in love with Lee's beautiful and unique voice. And her musical gifts don't stop there....she plays the guitar, drum, and tambourine too…”. Lead guitarist, and back-up vocalist, Harper (35) has been playing for over 20 years. “You'll be impressed with the musical stylings of Harper on the guitar and vocals. I never tire of watching his fingers fly on those strings!” This difference makes it so young, old, and everywhere in between gravitates towards the encapsulation of many generations. 

In January of 2019, Harper and Lee recorded two singles, ‘People in the Streets’, and ‘Mama Cried’ in Lee’s hometown of Des Moines, IA at Redd7 Recording Company. Since then, they have been working on a self-recorded album while on the road, set to be released in 2020. Harper and Lee pride themselves on their songwriting, recently winning Spicoli’s Reverb Songwriting Contest in Waterloo, IA with their unreleased song, ‘Dead Bones’. “When we are writing, it has to be meaningful. If we write something and we can’t relate, it will show in our performance. We are songwriters but we are also activists…writing about homelessness, abuse, and mental illness helps us connect with people more than we ever thought we would.” Although touching on the relevancy of America today, due to the immense love Harper and Lee have for one another, you can’t help but feel at home while at their shows no matter the size of the stage. You won’t want to miss the deliberate playing styles of Harper’s melodic lead guitar alongside the modern-soul behind Lee’s vocals.